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Keeping Middle Tennessee Beautiful

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Our Services

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Highway Mowing

We provide highway mowing, litter cleanup, and weed eating for the state of Tennessee over several counties throughout middle Tennessee. If you have any inquiries about our highway mowing services, please email us with a description of your project at or (615)279-8050 

Bush hogging

We work with Kubota M5-111 tractors and land pride 10 and 15 foot cutters. We can provide bush hogging services on request as it fits in our calendar. If you have any inquiries about our bush hogging services, please email us with a description of your project at or (615)279-8050 

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Litter Cleanup

We typically provide litter cleanup services for government entities, but we can provide services on request as fits our calendar. If you have any inquiries about our litter cleanup services, please email us with a description of your project at or (615)279-8050 

Other Services

We have a fleet of equipment and can provide other services as our calendar allows. Some of these services are: Bush hogging, weed eating, litter cleanup, excavating, and snow plowing. If you have inquiries about services not listed, please contact us at or (615)279-8050.

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About Us

Big AL Mowing is a highway and infrastructure maintenance company with a focus on also bettering our community.  We are a Christ-centered company that strives to leave everything better than we found it, whether that's our employees' quality of life, the roadways of Tennessee, or our business relationships.

Big AL Mowing is a woman owned business, certified by the Tennessee Governors Office of Diversity Business Enterprise. Our owner, Aubrey "Libby" Phillips is a Nashville-native and 9th generation Tennessean (currently raising the 10th generation). Libby, and all of Big AL Mowing, focuses on uplifting our community. We hire all local, TN-based employees. We hire second chance employees and employees with a history of homelessness and have a strong partnership with local non-profits to ensure that our employees have access to services that can help better our employees lives and add value to our community. 

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We're Hiring


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We hire seasonal, part time, and full time employees for administrative jobs, skilled and unskilled labor, and management positions.

A few of our frequent positions are:

- tractor operator

- weed eater crew

- litter crew

- service technician

- driver

please message us with inquiries about other jobs not listed above.

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Middle Tennessee


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